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For Immediate Release

April 18th, 2014

The New Nfinity Defiance Cheer Shoe is now Available for Pre-Order at Team Cheer

Earlier this month, Nfinity announced the launch of their newest cheerleading shoe, the Nfinity Defiance. Nfinity is a leading brand in the cheer industry, focusing on top-performance athletic apparel and cheer shoes for the female athlete. Their shoes feature technologies that protect the female body, are tailored to female athletes and allow women to push the limits of their athleticism. Nfinity is a leader in their field because they choose to focus on the individual athlete and what can make them better. Recently, Nfinity released the Nfinity Champions League Event movie, which filmed the Nfinity champions league cheer competition. It demonstrated to the general public that cheerleading is a fierce sport, combining gymnastics and dance, and it revealed how athletic cheerleaders have to be to compete in their sport. It was very exciting for cheerleaders of all ages to see their cheer idols and cheeerlebrities on the big screen!

Now, Nfinity is releasing the Nfinity Defiance cheer shoe. The Defiance will help cheerleaders to defy gravity and push past their own limits. Nfinity boasts that the Defiance will allow cheerleaders to jump higher and hone their tumbling and stunting skills. The shoe features HALO technology, which stands for high altitude lift optimization. It weighs only 5.7 oz with 300% more cushion than other cheer shoes. Unlike the Nfinity Vengeance and Evolution, the Defiance is designed to increase rebound on all matted surfaces. It also features an interlocking lacing system so your feet remain secure while you are flipping and flying. Cheerleaders won't notice their cheer shoes or the limits of their own cheerleading abilities. Cheerleaders can now push beyond their potential, and competitive cheerleading may never be the same. How high will you fly?

The Nfinity Defiance is available for pre-order NOW at Team Cheer, your cheer shoe headquarters. Check it out here. The Defiance is also available in both youth and adult sizes. Get this hot shoe while you can, we have a feeling many cheerleaders, scholastic through elite, will be interested in what the Defiance has to offer.

Check out the trailer for the Nfinity Defiance cheer shoes:

Official: Nfinity HALO Defiance from Nfinity on Vimeo.

For more information, contact:

Joelle Freeman

Athletica, Inc.