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Nfinity Vengeance Adult Cheerleading Shoe
(12) Reviews
Item # FWCF612

Manufacturers Suggested Price: $89.99
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The Nfinity Vengeance is the newest and most popular cheer shoe by Nfinity. This cheerleading shoe features an open mesh see through upper for a customized look by wearing colored socks.The Vengeance has strategically placed rubber pads in high wear areas of the sole for extra extended durability. It includes an interior and exterior skeleton for a superior fit. It weighs in at a lightweight 3.9 oz, making it perfect for your flyers.

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Had to replace mid-season

We bought the Nfinity Vengeance because of the light weight and flexibility, but having to replace it mid-season. There is a hole worn through the bottom (even though never worn outside), the rubber is pulling apart from the edge of the toe, and the top fabric layer is ripped straight across where the foot bends. We have purchased Nfinity cheer shoes for many years, but the Nfinity Vengeance should be discontinued.

Jacque / Missouri



Light and awesome!

Very light, makes it easier on my bases and my tumbling and jumps better. Recommended!

Carah / Texas



great light shoes esp for tumbling!

My daughter was skeptical about these shoes so she waited until after NCA to try them. Because they offer little / no arch support, she had to use orthotics from the foot doctor. However, despite this, she thinks these shoes are AMAZING. She has previously worn just about every "model" nfinity has released (for all star) and these are her favorite. At first, the bases at our gym (higher levels) really didn't like these shoes on their flyers because there's really no place to grip, but after they've gotten used to them, they are fine with them and (I've been told) the bases also like that they don't hurt their hands new as much as other shoes. My daughter is L5, flyer and tumbles.... she is getting ready to move onto her 2nd pair when school starts, so they've lasted her about 5 months. She practices and tumbles probably 8 hours a week and wears them only to the gym. It will be interesting to see how they last competition season since she is reluctant to change shoes once that starts!

Becky / TX



Not made to last One Season

A piece broke off the bottom after less than two weeks. Within three months there were holes in the bottom. Only used the shoes for practices and competitions. Was not able to get a refund from manufacturer since it was more than 90 days.

Becka / Michigan



Best Cheer Shoes Ever!! ORDER A SIZE DOWN!!!

The shoe chart said I was a 8.5 but when the shoes got here they were WAY to big so we sent them back and got a 7.5 which fit perfectly.. Returns were great, fast and easy. But the down side was you have to pay for shipping there and back. It's much easier to return them and get your money back and buy a new pair and save $10.00 on shipping back. But the returns were fast. Shipping only took about 2 days. I was very happy. I am a flyer and the shoes are a bit slippery but I'm hoping that will go away when I wear them in. :) They are narrow so If you have wide feet I don't recommend them, but I have narrow feet and they are just wonderful. :) The case is very nice, pretty, sturdy, and convient. Over all I love them!!! They are probably the best cheer shoes I have ever had. My bases love them because the bottoms are nice and flat. And I love them as well!!!!

Julie Daigle / New York



Nfinity Vengenance

Like how light the shoe is but the shoe doesnt last but a few months ,As a coach the bases would always say to slippery and the flyers loved them because they could feel them holding their foot. As A Coach and parent I like the shoe but by 4 months was an average for these shoes not holding up,and falling apart. My daughter was a flyer and the bottoms have wholes in them where her bases grab and from tumbling the shoes didnt hold up for the money :( but she does loves the shoe just wished it would have held up all year !

Jennifer / Colorado



Worst CHEER shoe ever

These shoes didn't even last a full season. The sole was coming off on both shoes, tears on both sides where the fabric is pulling apart and dingy look to shoe that have only been worn inside. I contacted the manufacturer and they told me it was a defect that they have fixed. They would not replace them but would offer me free shipping and a 10% discount. What a slap in the face! And the tears are a result of flexing the toe. Because cheerleading shoes should allow for this?!?! Never buying Nfinity products again!

Michelle Taylor / Kentucky



Nfinity Vengeance

I disagree with the shoe size. I ordered a whole size bigger. Had to send this shoe back two times. Keep having to pay shipping and handling to send them back. I will have paid the shipping and handling for this shoe every time. I receive the free shipping and handling put if you have to send it back. I usually order a size 12 for my son. And was told to order a larger size way to big. I ordered a size 12 still to big. I think it all depends on your childs foot.

Jackie / Texas



Nfinity Vengeance

I really hope this shoe make it before competion 2 November 2012. Very frustrated with having to send them back.

Jackie / Texas




My daughter loves the vengeance. They are light weight and comfortable. The only concern that I believe due to making them so light weight, they rip easily and she only had hers for barely two months.

Jean / Saugus



Possibly Best Cheer Shoe Ever

Bought these for my daughter and she says they're amazing! She's convinced they're what helped her finally land her standing tuck lol. The bottoms are peeling slightly, but I hope that's because they're brand new (of course she only wears them indoors on the mat). She's had Kaepa's, Nike's and the infamous Reebok Hi-Top (which she hated but the school coach swears by them). My daughter is a flyer and her only complaint is that the toe is "slippery" and sometimes her hand slips when pulling scorpions (I'm also hoping for this to go away after they've been broken in). On the other hand, she says they're easier to hold heel stretch's... I just hope they hold up considering the cost! If they hold up well, then they're worth it :)

shorteenbc / NW Indiana




I forgot to add this to my previous review... These run REALLY small! Make sure you order a full size up!

shorteenbc / NW Indiana



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